The two Irelands.

Dublin Photo: '11pm' by Mario Braz

Dublin Photo: ’11pm’ by Mario Braz

Has anyone else noticed the stories in the paper about a Dublin property bubble? About how rent is now double what it is in the rest of the country and theres now a massive supply vs demand problem? I hadn’t really thought seriously about it, mainly because I’m stuck living in the massive space outside Dublin. Also known as the rest of the country.

But then I started hearing about all these new jobs that are going to be opening, hundreds of them. 150 jobs here, 50 jobs there and a massive 300 jobs here – and all in Dublin!

Now obviously its fantastic that there are jobs being created and people will be employed and it’s all good for the economy, but which economy? Because it looks to my admittedly untrained eye that a little mini economic oasis has sprung up in Dublin. It’s totally cut off from the rest of the country and it sounds like its booming! A little celtic tiger cub! And that to me is a little scary.

You have Google, Facebook and Twitter all here and they are just the biggest guns of Dublin’s emergence as Europe’s new Silicon Valley. Again, this is all really great news for Dublin, but seriously, what about the rest of the country? I see on Twitter, people bleating on about how Ireland is recovering and how its all so fantastic. However, um…you lot are in Dublin and seem to rarely venture out of your little craft beer haven so don’t be mad if I find those proclamations a bit premature.

I moved back home from the big city so I could save money to emigrate (I’m nearly there thankfully!) but I see first hand what rural Ireland is like and have a hard time believing that a real substantial recovery is taking place. I understand that everywhere that isn’t a city is of course going to be a metropolis, but I just feel like the rest of the country, barring the bigger regional towns, are stuck in a economic and cultural wasteland. Either due to all the younger people moving to the cities or emigrating, these places in Ireland are stagnating and I think it’s just really upsetting.

Hopefully, by the end of this summer I won’t be here. Yes, I am totally and completely abandoning the country (like I’m such a loss, I’m sure) but if thousands like me are doing the same thing then what is going to happen to our small towns and villages. Will they just wither and die?

I was thinking about this recently when I looked at the local community centre in my town. The paint is peeling and it sits empty 90% of the time. I was also thinking about all the things that could be done with the place. Self-defence classes, first aid courses, language classes or even computer classes for older people. I mean, all these activities cost money and need skilled people but if there isn’t any demand or even interest then of course nothing is going to happen and communities just stagnate and die. It’s really depressing!

Now, I know I don’t know what it’s like in other parts of the country, only my own so if there are any smaller towns or villages that are thriving, then please let me know. But I just don’t see any places to get cronuts or craft beers opening up in any place that doesn’t have a Dublin postcode anytime soon. And it’s a real shame.


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